Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Chapter Begins

I have loved every moment being home with my sweet, adorable, precious baby Hudson.  But the time has come where mommy needs to get back to reality.  The reality being...WORK (gasp, sigh, pout).  I'm not even sure if this gig is gonna last longer than the next 6 weeks, but still.  This means I'll have to shower before 10am.  Dang.  That stinks.

Things definitely don't always turn out as we plan.  For instance, Hudson was supposed to have been a gorgeous black baby boy that we adopted from Haiti.  As you can see by his picture, he doesn't even have a tan!  Right about the time when we were going to start our adoption paperwork, we found out I was pregnant. Huge shock considering that a couple of different doctors told us our chances without medical intervention "weren't good."  God had a different plan than we had for ourselves.  And I'm so grateful He did!  I mean, seriously.  Look at that face!

Here we sit again.  Working after kids was NEVER part of the plan.  But, God has other things for us yet again.  First, let me just say that I am counting myself so blessed that I don't have to work full-time.  2-3 days a week is all.  Second, I'm even more blessed to have family and friends to look after my sweet little guy, so I can rest assured that he's in loving hands--every day.

And so, another chapter begins......wife, friend, chef (to my own family, that is), baker, event planner, blogger, and now WORKING MOMMY!!!

So, cheers to all you working moms....I'll be seeing you...on the freeway...during rush hour!!!! 

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  1. Your little boy is SO sweet!! Good luck with the next chapter :)