Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little diddy about me and Lose It!

Okay, so I have ZERO intention of publicly sharing my current weight.  That ranks right up there with having a route canal for me.  But, I have made some huge changes in my post-baby diet, so it's hard not to share a part that I get excited about.

First, let me just tell you that I ate anything and everything I wanted when I was pregnant.  I mean, I super-sized AND added a chocolate shake WITH whipped cream!  I'd like to blame it on the fact that I worked 60 hour weeks well into my third trimester and all we did was eat take-out.  I give serious kuddos to all the women who come home and cook every night after working a 10-12 hour day because I happily gave into whatever was convenient.  Anyway, I WILL reveal that I gained a whopping 45 lbs.  Oh ya baby.  And outside of what I saw when I stepped on the scale at each doctor's appointment, I had fun putting it on!

After having Hudson, I was on a "gotta lose the baby weight IMMEDIATELY" kick.  I'm pretty sure I uttered the words "empty carbs" within hours of giving birth.  I was soooo depressed at the state of my body.  I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking, but somehow I just sort of thought that it would fall off between breastfeeding and taking care of a newborn (sad news was that my journey with breastfeeding ended abruptly after 6 weeks...there went that automatic 500 calorie-a-day burn).  I lost 20lbs during those first 6 weeks.  Then I was then left to deal with the saddle-bagged rest of it. 

After about a month of "watching what I ate" (more like watch me drink this 300 calorie latte), I finally decided that my plan would be to go on a low-calorie diet.  I am LOVING it!!  I keep myself to around 1200 calories a day, and I'm only 10lbs from my pre-baby weight! (Mind you, I was trying to lose 15 BEFORE I found out I was pregnant, so I'm still far from my goal, but I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel)

I've been using this fabulous little website called Lose It.  It's user-friendly and there is even an iphone app that you can use (I'm actually a Blackberry user, but my friends love their iphone app for this).  Best of all, it's FREE.  Here's the link if you'd like to check it out.  http://loseit.com/  It allows me to keep track of my progress while also logging in my food choices every day.  Food logs used to make me want to pull my hair out, but this site makes it kinda fun.  And the results just keep me coming back for more.

I know the recipes I post on here are not exactly low-cal (I still have yet to figure out how our grandmothers made such amazing food and weighed all of 95lbs).  BUT, I have managed to still lose weight while eating Mama Fina's Cuban food (who knew it was even possible).  I'll try to post nutritional information on all my recipes to help all you fellow calorie counters and weight-watchers followers too. 

Happy Counting!


  1. You are so stinkin cute. I love you.

  2. Yay for food blogging! can't wait to see your recipes!

  3. I lost 20 pounds using Lose It! I LOVED it, it worked so well!!